Support for the Novice Teacher

How successful would new teachers be if they had consistent, quality mentoring and support throughout their first year of teaching?

Numerous studies list even more numerous reasons why new teachers leave the field within the first few years of teaching. One reason that shows up on almost every list is the lack of adequate mentoring to prepare and support new teachers for the challenges of the profession. As veteran teachers, skilled mentors, practiced pre-service teacher educators, and caring leaders, we will help novice and early career teachers not only adjust, but thrive in their new profession.

Why is an external mentor a great idea for new teachers?

Support from colleagues and school leaders is important and our Support for Novice Teachers should not be seen as an alternative to internal support, but as high quality mentoring that objectively and skillfully offers ongoing training, guidance, care, and encouragement that goes above and beyond the guidance a mentor-teacher can or is equipped to provide as they navigate their own busy schedules and mentoring needs.  

How could decreasing your teacher attrition rate increase your school’s success?

Even before the pandemic, the shortage of skilled, qualified teachers was a top challenge facing education. Part of the so-called “Great Resignation,” it is suggested that up to 55% of educators may soon leave the field. Every year school leaders are having to rebuild their team which takes away from the time they have to focus on other responsibilities. While teacher shortages are currently high, 69% of districts without teacher shortages report high retention rates as their savior. Poor teacher retention has been shown to concretely impact students’ academic performance, as well as impose significant financial costs (recruitment, hiring, training, etc.) and undermine quality. Providing teachers (especially new teachers) with the mentoring and support they need to succeed and remain committed to the profession is vital to school progress and overall success.

How will ongoing first-year mentorship benefit your new teachers?

How could it not?! New teachers often feel overwhelmed and underprepared for their new role. In this training, we meet with your new teachers once a month, virtually or face-to-face, and provide professional development in key areas, including classroom management, teacher-student relationships, teacher-teacher relationships, teacher-parent relationships, effective communication, teacher self-care, culturally relevant practices, equitable and caring learning spaces, responsive classroom practices, SEL for teachers, and self-efficacy. These PD sessions, provide opportunities for teachers to learn from our expertise and experiences and build a community of support with one another. While this formal mentor/mentee connection is only for their first year, the relationship they build with us and other novice teachers will last long after and be a continued source of professional grounding.   


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