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We journeyed from reluctant friends to competitive colleagues to soul-sisters, and now we’ve combined our collective 60+ years of education experience and over 100 years of relational existence to help everyone act right together! Working with educators nationally and internationally, we’ve learned how to navigate the relational realms that are a part of every human experience. We’re especially equipped to help educators navigate those schoolhouse relationships that impact everything from classroom management to interaction with administrators and colleagues. As successful educators, coaches, authors, urban and multicultural education specialists, and equity facilitators, we promise to teach, motivate, and inspire educators in our on-site and virtual trainings and keynotes. Contact us today to find out more!

Diana and Vicki

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About Me - My Bio

Diana's Bio

Diana Wandix-White, PhD, is in great demand as a professional development leader, principal coach, and teacher mentor. She delivers research based, culturally relevant, practical, and proven strategies that improve school climate, enhance teaching techniques and positively impact students’ performance. Whether solo for coaching or a keynote address, or with Vicki Mokuria, PhD, for professional development or sustained mentorship for new educators, Dr. White has a message that will make a difference.
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We are pleased to offer FREE Shipping in the Continental USA on all of our products sold online and by phone. We offer this program as a way to help you get the materials that will make you a great teacher…thus helping to improve teaching and learning in your classroom!
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Presenting Classroom Management

Vicki's bio

Vicki Mokuria, PhD, is a highly sought out seminar leader, teacher mentor, and panel discussant. Her delivery of research based, culturally relevant, practical, and proven strategies are guaranteed to enhance your teaching techniques, help you build community within your school and the extended school family, and, ultimately, improve your students’ performance. Whether solo for a keynote address or with Diana Wandix-White, PhD, for professional development, Dr. Mokuria has a message that will make a difference. Learn More…

About Me - My Bio

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If a school was permitted to have just one training, this is the one! Our training will help to raise test scores for all students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.
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About Our Services

The strategies we present in our meetings and seminars receive universal praise by teachers and school leaders, because they are research-based, they are easy to use…and because they work! In our evidence-based seminars, teachers and school leaders come away with strategies they can use in their classrooms and schools the very next day!

Whether one of our single-day seminars that offer relevant, energizing, and usable professional development, or our extended coaching and mentoring for your novice teachers, our trainings and sessions are filled with strategies to 1) build a strong school community and positive culture, 2) communicate effectively even in stressful situations, 3) manage your environment effectively, 4) develop strong teacher-student / teacher-teacher / teacher-parent relationships, and so much more!

H.E.A.R.T - Helping Everyone Act Right Together!