Vicki Mokuria, PhD

Vicki Mokuria, PhD

National Trainer - Coach and Mentor!

Dr. Mokuria (aka “Dr. Mo”) believes simply and passionately that education holds the potential to positively transform students’ lives and ultimately, the world. This belief is rooted in the ideas of Daisaku Ikeda, who purports that “the purpose of education must be the lifelong happiness of learners.” For Dr. Mo, considering students’ lifelong happiness needs to be at the focus and center of all educational endeavors, and this belief is at the core of all her work as an educator, speaker, and presenter. It is with this spirit that Dr. Mo continually works to be her “best self,” while helping others do the same.

Many teachers, parents and students face super-human challenges, and Dr. Mo understands and recognizes the need for educators to feel valued and supported. Dr. Mo, together with Dr. White, seeks to provide inspiring, encouraging, and practical approaches to help educators navigate their lives in the classroom and school house. Fresh ideas and innovative approaches are needed now more than ever!

After teaching for more than 25 years, Dr. Mo decided to pursue higher education and earned a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction at Texas A&M University–while in her 50s. What was her motivation? Quite simply, it was to spend the rest of her life in service to educators and support them to be their best selves to continue doing the valuable and noble work they do on a daily basis with students.


  • University Professor
  • PK-12 Teacher for 25+ years
  • Certified Parent Educator
  • International Presenter, Value-Creating Pedagogy
  • Teacher Mentor
  • Texas A&M University Ph.D. Graduate
  • MA from UT Dallas and Soka University of America
  • Teachers of Teachers!
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